Young Alumna Rests Easy Knowing CSU Legacy Is Secure

Cynthia Patterson

Cynthia Patterson

Cynthia Patterson '06, '08 knew she wanted a career that helped people. She followed her dreams to Colorado State University's Doctor of Veterinary Medicine and Master of Business Administration combined degree program.

"I decided the best way I could help people was by keeping their animals healthy," she says. "CSU was a phenomenal experience. The success I've had is because of this program."

Now a regional strategic veterinarian for pharmaceutical company Zoetis, Cynthia recently set up a revocable trust that will benefit CSU by helping fund efforts to attract students with diverse ethnic backgrounds.

"It's hard for people to know what to do with your finances when you're gone if you've never spoken openly about it," Cynthia says. "Now I make it easy on my family. CSU is one of four charities that I decided to plan for my estate to go. I feel like donating to CSU was hands down the easiest decision."

At age 37, Cynthia hopes to serve as an example that it's never too early to think about your legacy. Planning for her future has eased her mind as she travels, snowboards, or does anything with an element of risk.

"I hope this inspires other people who are maybe on the fence about planned giving," she says. "You can do so much in this world when you're gone with being able to donate money to different places. I'm not going to stand out in history, but I can rest at night knowing that I have done this cool thing for a few different charities."

Be an Inspiration

Like Cynthia, you can provide meaningful support to CSU to make an impact on students well after your lifetime. Contact the Office of Gift Planning at (970) 491-4254 or to get started.