Retired Educator Supports the Next Generation of Teachers

John Haefeli

John and Delia Haefeli

Growing up in Greeley, Colorado, John Haefeli witnessed the power of community activism firsthand. His parents were dedicated advocates for the underserved and marginalized. "They taught me that giving back is really important," he says.

The Haefeli household also emphasized academics and athletics. For college, Haefeli wanted to stay nearby so his parents could enjoy his baseball games. "I was fortunate to receive an incredible education at CSU and be exposed to a wide variety of ideas," he says. "Being part of the baseball team was a highlight."

These three passions – community activism, academics, and athletics – have shaped Haefeli's post-college life. He and his wife, Delia, have collectively taught and coached for 78 years. "Before the pandemic, I would run into former students nearly daily," he says.

Now retired, Haefeli serves on the Greeley school board and supports education in other ways as well, including through the scholarship for future teachers that he established at Colorado State University. "As teachers, their impact is going to radiate outward," he says. "It's like throwing a rock in a lake and seeing the ripples expanding."

Haefeli has also included a gift in his estate plan to CSU. "I'm not old, but what am I going to do with the blessings that I have? I've been very fortunate," he says. This bequest gift is an opportunity to pay it forward after his lifetime.

"There's no finer thing than giving to another human being," he says. "It's that simple."

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