Scholarship Fund Creates Lasting Legacy


Phil Hewes ('74) and his wife, Chris, are passionate about Colorado State University and are dedicated to making higher education more accessible. Phil, who graduated from Colorado State with a bachelor's degree in social sciences, is a leader in the field of business law and a partner at the Chicago-based firm Fitzgerald, Franke & Hewes. Chris, who identifies as an "adopted Ram," recently retired from a lifelong career as a public school educator. The couple decided to act on their concern about the challenges of higher education funding by creating a scholarship fund for future CSU students.

"When I attended CSU, the cost of my education was significantly subsidized by the state," Phil says. "Back in the '70s, when more state funding was available, it was a lot simpler to choose college and to graduate without heavy debt. It's really important to us to help students avoid some of that debt. We want to support the next generation, so they can have the same opportunities we did."

Phil and Chris used a charitable remainder trust  to establish the Hewes Family Scholarship Fund. The resulting endowed scholarships will benefit history students as well as undergraduates who plan to pursue law school following graduation.

"It was really easy to set up, and it benefits us as well," Phil says. The charitable remainder trust allows Phil and Chris to use their assets to support students and, at the same time, provides them with tax benefits and a secure source of income for the rest of their lives.

Phil and Chris have not only gifted much of their estate to CSU, they have found other ways to champion the University. In keeping with their desire to provide student opportunities, they recently sponsored a marching band student's trip to Ireland to perform in Dublin's St. Patrick's Day Parade. They are also members of the CSU Alumni Association and Phil serves as co-chair of the Liberal Arts Development Council.

"When I was choosing between CSU and CU years ago, I chose CSU because it seemed like a more serious school that would cater to my needs," Phil says. "I'm certainly glad I did. I have very fond memories of my time there.

"When I returned to campus for a recent visit, I was impressed by the dramatic transformation the school has undergone — CSU was worthy," he says of the couple's decision to make a planned gift. Their decision is one that will provide a lasting legacy for many generations of future Rams.

Create Your Own Legacy
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