Buying Time to Give Back


When Carolyn B. Anders (‘02) reflects on her years at Colorado State University, she expresses gratitude for the people and programs that helped shape the person she is today.

"I appreciated the quality academics and accessibility of professors," said Carolyn, who graduated magna cum laude. "CSU's interior design program was unique, because it placed emphasis on understanding the human experience in the built environment and creating plans to solve problems and protect people in emergencies. Today, I am still solving problems and protecting my clients, but the plans I create now are designed to last a lifetime. CSU formed that professional foundation for me, and I want to say thank you."

Carolyn, who spent eight years in architecture before following in her father's footsteps as a financial services professional with New York Life, decided to say thanks by naming CSU as a partial beneficiary of her own permanent life insurance policy.

"My parents always set an example with their money by building opportunities for future generations," Carolyn said. "As a younger person focused on paying off debts, I do not yet have the cash flow to show my appreciation in actual dollars. My life insurance buys me time to accomplish my charitable giving goals should I be ‘robbed of time' by a premature death."

Her family tradition of responsible financial planning gave Carolyn an unusually early insight into the importance of planned giving. She explains how permanent life insurance can be an easy way to make a significant gift for a relatively modest cost.

"I'm not married and don't have kids yet, but I'm healthy and I have significant financial goals. Over time, life insurance leverages a relatively small amount of money to accomplish greater long-term financial goals, but you must start early. Accomplishing any financial goal takes time."

Carolyn spends her time helping many organizations, including the CSU alumni network. In 2010, Carolyn became D.C. Ram Network president, and she has made progress on an ambitious plan to establish annual adventures ranging from Rocky Mountain Showdown watch parties to attending the Virginia Gold Cup horse races.

"With about 2,000 CSU alumni in the D.C. area, we need consistent events that bring us together," Carolyn said. "It's fun to reminisce about Fort Collins, but more important than that is supporting alumni in solving problems – for example, finding a job. Nowadays, it's easy to connect with others through technology, but nothing will ever beat that smile from a friend with a shared experience. I can't think of a better way to say ‘Thanks for giving us that shared experience, CSU,' than providing the financial support that will perpetuate those experiences for future generations."