Dr. Dawn Metzger Leaving a Legacy


Dawn Metzger, D.V.M., with Corrado

When Dr. Dawn Metzger graduated from Colorado State University in 1975 with a doctorate in veterinary medicine, she set her sights high. The experience she gained through CSU's extraordinary veterinary program, her participation in the livestock club and, most importantly, her love of animals laid the groundwork for one of her greatest accomplishments: the founding of the Washington Park Veterinary Clinic.

In 1982, only a few years after graduation, Dawn opened her clinic, currently located in central Denver. "I'm proud of my clinic," Dawn says. "I see it as one of my greatest life achievements."

Now celebrating more than 25 years of service, the Washington Park Veterinary Clinic offers a variety of services with the highest quality of care. "We offer personalized care for cats and dogs, as well as the people who bring them in," Dawn says.

Being a veterinarian has enriched Dawn's life and career. "One of the things I love most about being a veterinarian is the medical aspect," Dawn says. "It's challenging, and it makes me think all the time."

Aside from the clinic, Dawn spends much of her time with her animals. Her two dachshunds, Bugsy and Peanut; her poodle-mix, Millie; and her two horses, Corrado and Khartoum, keep her busy.

Looking back on all of her success, Dawn saw an excellent opportunity to show her gratitude and unwavering support to the University. Colorado State University helped mold her into who she is today, so it was fitting that she made a planned gift in the form of a charitable remainder trust. "This is payback for what they did for me," Dawn says. "CSU gave me my education and helped me make a living doing what I love."

Giving to Colorado State is a smart choice according to Dawn. "I know that the money will be put to good use," Dawn says. "I'm glad to be in the point of my life where I can give back to others in return for all I've been given in my life."