Diana Sanderson-Mori


"Colorado State University has given me so much," says Diana Sanderson-Mori. "It gave me the education that started me on a life I truly adore."

"My journey has been very serendipitous," says Diana Sanderson-Mori, who grew up on a small farm near Pueblo, CO and came to Colorado State University during an era when nursing, teaching or home economics were the most popular choices for career-minded women.

Graduating in the spring of 1962, just one semester before the College of Business was formed at CSU, Diana was one of only four women in the entire accounting department, and the only one who went into public accounting. She had little knowledge of how male-dominated the field of accounting was at that time but says, "I had always been extremely independent-minded and thought that women could and should be able to do anything that men could do, aside from things that required physical strength."

Landing her first job wasn't easy. There were only 12 large international CPA firms at the time, and only three would interview women. Those who were hired were usually confined to internal work in tax preparation. They were not allowed to travel for fear of inappropriate mingling on the road, and they were rarely, if ever, allowed to call on clients.

Despite all of her professional achievements, her biggest and most life changing event has been her recent battle with breast cancer. "Going through that has changed my priorities from my practice and profession to my kids, friends, and family. That's what's most important to me now, and" — she adds with a grin — "for whatever reason, I'm a little less judgmental now. Life is what it is, and I made the choice to be happy, not bitter."

Believing we are moving closer and closer to a one-world economy, and that the opportunities for CPAs are wide open for women and minorities, Diana's planned gift, in the form of a bequest, will benefit the Accounting Scholarship program in Colorado State's College of Business. "By giving, I am helping to make our world a better place, where there is more cultural diversity, and where others won't have to face the type of discrimination I did when I was trying to make my place in the world," says Diana. "Education has given me a tremendous amount, not only a career that I truly adore but lifelong friends as well."

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