Leaving a Legacy: Jim Beikler


Jim Beikler

"When asked why I give to Colorado State University, I say why not give to CSU? I give because I know where the money is going. Gifts are managed well, I am provided feedback on how my investment is doing and how proceeds are being used," Jim says.

As a current CSU employee who previously served as a development officer, Jim Beikler knows what it is like to encourage philanthropy on our campus. "I have sat on both sides of the giving table. I still sit on the inside and help promote giving – that's why I also give myself," Jim says. "I believe in giving for perpetuity. When you give a gift, the funds continue into the future. Well after we are gone, the principal remains and your organization continues to receive support from the interest – perpetuity."

Jim's planned gift to CSU designates the University as contingent beneficiary of his employee life insurance policy, and 50 percent beneficiary of his 401 (k) plan and another insurance policy.

Jim not only supports endowment through planned giving, he also makes annual gifts to sustain programs. "I am particularly passionate about endowments because you not only see the immediate results of your gift, but you also know that the long-term needs of the program are covered," Jim says.

If you have questions about giving, Jim suggests getting in contact with the Office of Gift Planning at CSU. "Pick up the phone and ask about giving," Jim says. "There are a number of resources."

"It's called paying it forward," Jim Says. "I just believe in giving. You work for what you believe in, and you give to what you believe in."