Kirk Hulbert: Leaving a Legacy


Kirk Hulbert, a 1974 graduate of Colorado State University's College of Natural Sciences, created a legacy gift in 2005, in the form of a charitable remainder trust, designated to scholarships in the Department of Athletics. Now, seven years later, Kirk has decided to increase his legacy gift to CSU to include the College of Natural Sciences, the College of Veterinary Medicine and Biomedical Sciences' Animal Cancer Center, and University Libraries.

In addition to CSU, Kirk had several other charitable beneficiaries in his estate plans until he attended this year's annual 1870 Dinner, to celebrate the success of the Campaign for Colorado State, where he heard a presentation by Dr. Stephen Withrow, associate director of CSU's Animal Cancer Center.

"Dr. Withrow brought a young girl on stage with him who is a cancer survivor," says Kirk. "Her story was so moving, and what really amazed me was how she had benefited, as a human, from research that was being done on animals."

The presentation inspired Kirk so deeply that he decided to change his estate plans, designating all of it to CSU. Kirk has established, in honor of his father, an endowment scholarship in the College of Veterinary Medicine and Biomedical Sciences in support the Animal Cancer Center in the Veterinary Teaching Hospital. In honor of his mother, Kirk has established the Kirk Hulbert Library Endowment Scholarship. And lastly, an endowed scholarship in mathematics, his area of study at CSU, is designated to help a student in need.

These three areas are in addition to Kirk's original endowed scholarship to athletics, specifically for walk-on athletes in their junior and senior years. Each of the four areas will be supported equally through his charitable remainder trust.

Kirk also has a collection of more than 200 rams that includes figurines, paintings, and high-end bronzes, many of which were created by Dawn Weimer, also a CSU graduate. Kirk has indicated in his will that he would like to donate his treasured collection to CSU for display.

A native Coloradan from Arvada, Kirk has fond memories of playing in the CSU marching band and pitching for the CSU baseball team. Although Kirk did not receive a scholarship to play baseball at CSU, he recognized that he had many opportunities provided by the generosity of others.

"I really appreciated those who donated to the athletics department and supported the baseball program. Our trips, our meals, were all paid for, and I wanted to afford that to others," Kirk says.

After graduating with a Bachelor of Science in math, Kirk continued his education at CSU, and received a master's in education administration. He taught math at Arapahoe High School, coached basketball and baseball, and served as a high school assistant principal in the St. Vrain Valley School District.

"I loved coaching and working with the kids! What I enjoyed the most was seeing them progress from the beginning of the season to the end, and how much they improved in their skills and capabilities." Kirk adds, with a big smile, "I always stressed, first and foremost, they were there to have fun, but winning is a lot more fun than losing."

Kirk is currently an active member of Ram Club and the Denver Athletic Advisory Board, where his winning attitude is put to good use increasing Ram Club membership and donations for CSU athletics. "Giving is a feel-good situation for sure," says Kirk. "You get the pride out of knowing that when you're gone, your name will live on, and you have created some form of legacy to the University that meant so much to you during the time you spent there."

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