Steve Allen and Debbie Secor


Steve and Debbie strongly believe that public education is the backbone of our country, and they are unwavering in their commitment to support it. "Public education is the goose that laid the golden egg," says Steve. "Our founding fathers knew that we needed to inform and educate our citizens if our country was going to succeed. If we're going to continue to have all the great things we have in this country, we must continue the strength of our public education system."

Debbie adds, "Education not only teaches problem solving, it teaches critical thinking, and we need critical thinkers to continue to advance our society. If people can't afford to go to college, we need to help otherwise our country will become a society of elitists."

Steve and Debbie, although now retired, both continue to educate themselves through the Osher Lifelong Learning Institute at Colorado State that offers a variety of classes for those aged 50 and older. They also pursue their shared interest in the arts. Steve is well-known in the Fort Collins community for his photography and paintings, while Debbie's passion is botanical illustrations. 

Steve says, "With the ever-increasing costs of college, Debbie and I decided we wanted our legacy to support students at Colorado State University who share my love of biology and who will, hopefully, share that knowledge with the world." Through their estate plans they have established the Dr. Stephen Allen and Ms. Deborah Secor Scholarship Fund, benefiting zoology and botany students in the College of Natural Sciences.

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