Leaving a Legacy: Terry Nugent


Growing up in an athletic family, I always knew that playing football was what I wanted to do. Fortunately, I was given the opportunity to go to college on a full-ride scholarship; all I had to do was choose where. I visited the campuses of Stanford, Brigham Young University, Arizona State, and finally Colorado State University. It was a gorgeous, mild, sunny day in the middle of winter with snow-capped mountains as a backdrop to campus. What can I say; CSU stole my heart.

Initially, I was drawn to CSU for the football program, but the academics soon became just as important. I knew it would take a lot of commitment and dedication to fulfill my obligations to both the team and my educational curriculum, so I took the same drive I had on the field and put it into my studies. Hard work always pays off. I was able to play ball, graduate in good standing, and go on to play in the NFL.

Although my NFL career was shorter than I had anticipated, I knew the reality of the game is that everyone is replaceable, but the value of a good education is not. The connections I made at CSU and over my football career landed me a position in the investment field, where I have enjoyed a solid and rewarding career.

Whether it is athletics, academics, or your career, I believe in taking a comprehensive approach to life. Working with others and helping them to make the best investments with what they have so they can build a life and legacy for themselves, their families, and others, has been every bit as rewarding as my football career.

When it came to my own choices about investing in my future, Colorado State University was a given. How could I not give back to the institution and the program that had molded me for success? I have enjoyed supporting Colorado State athletics since 1984, and I have included CSU in my estate plan in the form of a bequest, also benefiting athletics. It's a win-win situation for my future, the University, and other aspiring athletes for generations to come.

I've left my legacy with Colorado State University, and you can too.