Leaving a Legacy: Timothy & Theresa McKee


LTC Timothy & Theresa McKee

While in the master's degree program at Colorado State University in occupational therapy, I met many people who would change the course of my life.

The professors and peers from my program from 1987-1989 were inspirational, but a young Army SSG named, Timothy P. McKee, would provide a supportive base from which my work in occupational therapy would take a worldwide view. In our 22 years together, we have advanced our careers in ways we could never have imagined. I was nicknamed "Traveling Theresa" by the class of 1989 and so this phrase became my legacy.

This year, LTC Timothy P. McKee will retire with a military career spanning over 30 years and with all those opportunities my career as an occupational therapist has assumed roles across the states of Kansas, Arizona, Florida, Georgia, Virginia, and internationally in Australia.

The future of our great country and the future of occupational therapy have always been at the forefront in our lives so a bequest to CSU seemed natural to help insure a legacy for the field of Occupational Therapy. A phrase that greets me each day at my desk is the following, "The purpose of life, is a life of purpose."

The premise of "purposeful activity" is something that is both relevant in my life and in my life's work. In gratitude for all those who have touched my life in such a profound way a bequest for the future has been made to CSU.