The Adventure of Giving Back

Gary and Michele Carr

Gary and Michele Carr

Everyone needs a special friend, and that is no different for Colorado State University. The connection between the University and the Carrs has proven to be equally beneficial.

Gary spent most of his life in Southern California, graduating from Inglewood High School and attending El Camino Community College prior to his transfer to CSU. He quickly discovered his love of skiing and his desire to live closer to the slopes. During his time at CSU he made many new friends from around the country, which helped to make his time on campus more enjoyable. Gary was drafted into the Army soon after his Ram experience concluded, where he served in the Military Police at Fort Belfoir, Virgina, for two years.

Michele, a graduate from Villa Park High School and California State University, Fullerton, studied throughout her senior year in Aix-en-Provence, France. Following graduation, she joined the marketing department of the computer company where she worked part time during school.

Gary and Michele both contributed financially to their educations, which they say provided a strong foundation and head start in life after school. “Living away from home taught us more about decision-making and being on our own.”

They met while working in the tech industry and quickly bonded over their love for the mountains and skiing—a passion they still share today. In 2006 they followed their dream of living in the mountains and moved to Midway, Utah, where they spend time skiing, hiking, golfing, and volunteering.

Realizing that their personal experiences and observations have shown that what you think you want to gain from a college education often changes with opportunities to try different things, the couple found themselves wanting to do more so that others could have the opportunities they had to pursue educational experiences.

Gary and Michele share that, “One of the greatest lessons was learning how to adapt and adjust when life takes a turn.” They go on to say, “We’ve had so many adventures in our life to date, good and bad, some of them planned, some of them surprises—all of them have contributed to who we are today and strengthen our desire to find a way to help new students start their own adventures.”

Like Gary and Michele, you can help further the Colorado State University community. Contact the Office of Gift Planning at (970) 491-4254 or to learn more.