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Endowment funds at Colorado State University are vital for recruiting the best students and faculty, generating innovative research and programs, and enhancing CSU’s mission to provide a world-class education for generations to come.

An endowment is created to provide a perpetual funding stream on an annual basis for the purposes you have chosen. Endowed gifts may be created for restricted or unrestricted purposes and are particularly important to Colorado State University.

You may choose to create an endowment fund with a current or deferred gift through your estate. A current endowment fund is created through an immediate gift that is given to CSU and can be funded in a variety of ways (e.g. cash, appreciated property, real estate, etc.). Or, you may choose to fund a deferred endowment through your estate, which can be funded with similar gifts of cash, appreciated assets, or real estate.

An Example of
How it Works

Group Smiling Longtime supporters Susan and Charlie have two goals: First, they want to make sure CSU continues to receive support after they're gone. Second, they want to memorialize Charlie's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Jones.

Susan and Charlie make a $50,000 donation to CSU, which we invest, and each year, a portion of the income from the invested money will be used to support our mission in honor of the Joneses. Plus, Susan and Charlie qualify for a federal income tax charitable deduction on their taxes.

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Next Steps

  1. Complete the Statement of Intent form to let us know of your gift intentions and to ensure peace of mind that your gift will have the desired impact at CSU.
  2. Contact the Office of Gift Planning at or (970) 491-4254 for additional information.
  3. Seek the advice of your financial or legal advisor.
  4. When including CSU in your plans, please use our legal name and federal tax ID.

Legal Name: Colorado State University Foundation
Location: 7115 Campus Delivery, 2243 Center Avenue, Suite 200, Fort Collins, CO 80523-7115
Federal Tax ID Number: 23-7098397